Airlie Beach - small cove
Airlie Beach - small cove

Academic break, time to travel

Nikita Kukarin is studying business administration at his home university in Germany. He is currently completing a Study Abroad program at Macquarie.

To go one semester abroad was one of my best decisions and it was a much better decision to spend this time in Australia. After seven weeks of lectures, tutorials and writing essays, us Macquarie students deserved a two week break.

I hadn’t planned any big journeys until I met some other international students on campus who planned to travel along the east coast of Australia and here my journey began.

We booked a sailing tour from Airlie Beach and I was very excited to go for two nights on a boat. As I arrived in Airlie Beach I was surprised how beautiful it is. The weather was beautiful.

Airlie Beach – small cove

It was a small place, you need only 5 to 10 min to walk through. People all chilling at the lagoon during the day and at the evenings you meet those people at the different bars with different live events.

Airlie Beach Lagoon

Our sailing tour began on the next day, so we went to the harbor to met our captain and crew for the next couple of days.


The time on the boat was great, sailing around, enjoying the sun and the small islands surrounded by clear sea water. Our first stop was Whitehaven Beach and as you can see the name is not a coincidence. Soft white sand and crystal clear water and nobody but you there.

Whitehaven Beach
Selfies on Whitehaven Beach
Paradise – Whithaven Beach

We sailed around the island, snorkelling at different spots and there I met my new friend Timmy. I never saw and touched a sea turtle before and this made my journey more interesting.

Timmy the sea turtle

Those days on a boat with the nice crew and group was one of my best experiences and I am looking forward to going back soon for another sailing tour.

Our next destination was Mission Beach where we spent the whole day water rafting on the Tully River. An awesome experience which will stay forever in my mind.

IMG_0867 IMG_0879 IMG_0884 IMG_0880

The whole journey ended in Cairns with a jump out of a plane from 14,000 feet and a couple of drinks with my lads from Macquarie who accompanied me on this trip.

Bike tour around Airlie Beach