Learning to row

Swedish student Albin Torkelsson gets up very early in the morning to try something new.

During my semester here at Macquarie University I’ve spent many early mornings on the Lane Cove River trying to master the art of rowing. This was a completely new sport to me and the only experience I had from back home was the indoor rowing machines at the gym.

My engagement in the rowing all started when I meet Tim and Astley – two of the most dedicated members of the Macquarie University Rowing Club – during orientation week, where representatives from all the  student societies provide information on student activities. My interest was immediately awakened and their welcoming attitude made me sign up for the ten-session-long Learn To Row Course without any hesitation.

Joining the club turned out being a great decision and it didn’t take long before I started showing up at the boat shed even outside the regular learn to row sessions.

Now the semester is coming to an end and so is my engagement in the rowing club. The early mornings on the water and the good friends from the club are two things that I will really miss when going back to Sweden. I strongly recommend anyone to join the rowing club. Joining a sport club has been great in letting me try a new hobby and – even more important – meeting new friends!