GLP Distinguished Speaker Series event
GLP Distinguished Speaker Series event

Experiencing multicultural Sydney with GLP

Daniela Schlott is from Germany and is currently completing a Study Abroad program at Macquarie. 

In October the Distinguished Speaker Series event of the Global Leadership Program took place. Since this was my final event of the GLP program, it is time to summarize my experience.

As a study abroad student I was able to take place in four colloquia that dealt with current problems the global world is facing right now: International Humanitarian Law, Climate Change, Cross Cultural Understanding…

In most of the workshops we had critical discussions which helped me to get new thought-provoking impulses. But the most important part was trying to find practical solutions to apply in our everyday life, which was not always that easy. In the workshop with regards to Environmental Footprints we calculated our own footprint and analysed the influencing factors which had the greatest effect.

One highlight of my GLP experience was the Cultural Day Series in Auburn. Auburn is a very exciting multicultural suburb of Sydney and we were told a lot of interesting information about its history and the migrants living there. We also met two migrants living in Auburn, who told us a lot about their personal experiences, which made the highly important topic of refugee politics more graspable.
We had a guided tour through a Mosque in Auburn and got answered all of our questions about the Islamic religion that popped up. For me that was very exciting since I’ve never been to a Mosque before and I could gain fascinating insights into Islam.


GLP is also about connecting and networking. The socialising aspect between GLP students at the Cultural Day Series should not miss out. That’s why we strolled through the Botanical Gardens in Auburn, did a scavenger hunt and had a fantastic Lebanese lunch all together.


My GLP experience finished with the Distinguished Speaker Series on October 7. All GLP students came – suited up and in beautiful dresses – to Luna Park, to listen to an inspiring speech. The speaker was Rachel Botsman, who is an expert on collaborative consumption. She was talking about how sharing through technology influences our way of living, working and consuming. She supported her speech with a lot of interesting practical examples. She tried to engage us to realise our ideas which was very inspiring.